Q: How is my credit card information kept safe?
A: your credit card information is not kept or saved on any of our servers. The information that you enter is sent directly to our payment gateway for processing. Neither Henley Beach South IGA,  IGA staff or our agent can access any of your payment information. For more information please contact online henley.igafresh@internode.on.net

Q: How Will I be charged?
A: You can pay by any of the following methods:
 - Credit Card

- On account (only for approved account holders)

Q: $1 Charge
A: If you choose to pay by Credit Card you will be charged a $1 pre-payment upon your first order to enable us to check the validity of the credit card. This will be taken off your Balance and is just to verify your card details.  For more information please contact online henley.igafresh@internode.on.net

Q: When does the $12 delivery charge drop off

A: If you choose to have your goods delivered, the $12 charge will immediately appear in your shopping cart upon selecting the first product, it will then disappear once you have selected around $250.00 of products per order.

We may run special promotions from time to time so delivery charge may change.  

Q: How is my order delivered?
A: Your order will be handpicked by our staff and delivered to you in our refrigerated van
Q: Why can’t I place an order for today?
A: Unfortunately we require you to place your order at least 6 hours in advance to allow our staff time to process your order.

Q: Why is the price I was charged different to the price at checkout?
A: The price you see at the checkout is an estimate based on what you wanted to order. Sometimes we may need to adjust your order according to the stock we have. For example if you ordered a 1.2kg pork roast, we may have to supply you with a 1.4kg roast. We will always attempt to supply you with a product as close to possible to what you ordered. 

Q: What is  product Substitution

A: Substitution Policy If a product you ordered is not available; we will try to substitute that product for a similar product of equal or higher value, but will only charge you the price of the product you originally ordered. If a suitable product is not available, or we have to substitute for a lower value product we will adjust the total of your order accordingly

If you prefer, you may specify that you do not want to allow product substitutions, by de-selecting the “Allow Substitutions” box at the online checkout.

Q: Can I still order the specials?
A: Yes! IGA advertised weekly specials are available in the online store - (excludes Santos Retail Specials, available for instore purchases only)  . Orders must be placed during the promotional period to be able to get the promotional pricing (ie placed from Wednesday - Tuesday). You will be charged based on what day you place your order. 
Q: Can I order in bulk?
A: Yes! If you would like to order in bulk please contact the delivery co-coordinator prior to your order. Depending on the size of your order we may require a few days’ notice to be able to supply your order.

Q: Can I order Alcohol or tobacco products?
A: Yep you sure can order Alcohol from this one stop shop

A: Sorry No tobacco - State laws

Q: Can I change my order?
A: Yes - simply contact the store as soon as you can to arrange the changes to be made.  Changes may not be available if your order has already left the store. Contact via phone is prefered - ask to speak to the online shopping coordinator. 

Q: Can I change my delivery time?
A: Yes! Simply contact the store ASAP to arrange for an alternate delivery time. Please note that if you are not home at the time of delivery we may charge a redelivery fee to bring the items back out to you

Q: Can I pay using my Henley Beach South IGA Business account? 
A: Yes! Simply contact 08 88353 0340 and we will enable your account to use this option. Please note that you will be required to present your identification on delivery, and you will still have to sign for your delivery.